Premium organic cosmetics that effectively offer you purity and beauty 

We provide effective and soft products for your skin, selecting the finest ingredients that surpass Ecocert standards. 

Nature Effiscience cosmetics exceed Ecocert requests

Our beauty products are highly organic, as they do exceed Ecocert standards. 

Nature Effiscience cosmetics contain: 

  • 99% natural ingredients (compared to a minimum of 95% required by Ecocert),
  • on average, 70% of ingredients are purely organic (compared to the minimum of 10% required by Ecocert),
  • 1% of synthetic ingredients only (compared to a maximum of 5% required by Ecocert).



Non-toxic and harmless synthetic ingredients chosen

Nature Effiscience has worked rigorously to select only synthetic ingredients from a list proposed by COSMEBIO, known for being safe for both the human body and the environment.

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Why such a concentration of organic active agents ? 

Nature Effiscience takes into account 3 key points when formulating each product:

  • Efficacy
  • Purity
  • Beauty

Our products are highly organic because organic ingredients are better absorbed by our skin than synthetic ingredients. Efficacy is better, faster & stronger.
What is true in the food industry is also true in the cosmetics industry: a natural and organic food is more nutritional for the body than the same food after a treatment with pesticide.

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What is COSMEBIO ?

COSMEBIO is a French professional association for natural, ecological and organic cosmetics, which federates the professional players in the organic cosmetics industry who respect the COSMEBIO charter. 

To respect this charter, each cosmetics brand must:

  • Provide finished products made with natural or naturally-derived ingredients mainly produced by organic farming,
  • Only use synthetic ingredients tolerated by COSMEBIO,
  • Exclude raw materials and preservatives whose use is controversial in terms of safety and ecological values,
  • Guarantee pollution-free processing and manufacturing
  • Guarantee products are subject to strict quality control by an independent certification body based on established specifications
  • Inform consumers in a clear and objective way

Our products are not tested on animals