A bold and modern expertise:

Nature Effiscience has created certified organic, feminine and modern dermo-cosmetics for your skin. That's why our bold expertise in dermo-cosmetics allows us to select our ingredients and healthy active ingredients carefully and with kindness, skilfully selected from the best that nature has to offer, to the point of surpassing Ecocert standards

Incredible and daring formulas:

Generous anti-aging formulas with preventive claims thanks to the Chinese influence coupled with restorative properties with Western medicine. An original concept since each product contains "research head" ingredients that target the problem to solve it. These ingredients are combined with patented "comfort" actives to nourish, moisturize and soothe the skin.

A strict and modern formulation policy:

Unprecedented formulas, since its creation in 2014, Nature Effiscience offers a philosophy of exceptional formulas: pure water makes way for precious certified organic hydrolats, to obtain more than 90% active care.

The effectiveness comes from research of patented exceptional ingredients: gems of nature and our heritage.

Dermo-cosmetic expertise:

The brand is recognized for its solid expertise in formulation. This expertise is based on an acute and precise knowledge of the skin. It has always known that skin is an eco-system and that cells interact with each other

The highlight: developing intelligent skin care products with synergistic properties. Nature Effiscience formulates complete products which, because of their properties, become unique for each skin. Nature Effiscience or the power of tailor-made products with a global care. The true power of synergy....

From formula to smart product:

To distinguish itself from current formulas on the market, all the products in the range have the function of rebalancing it. It is perfectly reprogrammed to regain its vitality and full health.

Nature Effiscience reveals the inner beauty of each person, sublimates the invisible to reveal the light.

Nature Effiscience the incredible alchemy :

Nature Effiscience's premise is to revolutionize the codes of cosmetics, to create care products that break with existing products on the market. The brand opens the field of possibilities, combining concepts that were previously opposed: combining dermo-cosmetics with organic.

"Nature Effiscience, for a committed, responsible and enlightened beauty: being beautiful with a conscience."

Our cosmetics exceed the requirements of the market:

Our beauty products are highly organic and largely meet the criteria established by Ecocert for certification.

Nature Effiscience cosmetics:

99% natural products (against 95% minimum required by Ecocert),
70% on average of organic ingredients (against 10% minimum required by Ecocert),
1% of synthetic ingredients only (against a maximum of 5% authorized by Ecocert).

Did you know that? Our products are not tested on animals