Our philosophy: Lasting beauty by healing botanicals

Catherine MautordNature Effiscience creator, Catherine Mautord, has dreamed up a cosmetic brand inspired by a combination of two worlds. Nature Effiscience captures the delicate balance between Western and Eastern medicine. 

The East and the West cooperate to benefit your skin with a natural and sustainable solution

Whether it is a cream, a serum, a mask or a peel, Nature Effiscience products use the best of both worlds. For instance, when you apply cream on your face, the active agents not only effect the upper layers of the epidermis to provide an immediate comfort to your skin, but also affect the deeper tissue to correct the imbalance of the skin's ecosystem.  

Nature Effiscience products literally rehabilitate your skin to rebalance it. Bit by bit, it becomes self sufficient and perfectly addresses dry, oily and sensitive symptoms to give you a consistently flawless complexion. The innovative philosophy of Nature Effiscience offers clever cosmetics, acting immediately while sustainably improving your skin quality. 

Skin care inspired by shiatsu and sculpting treatment

Catherine, Nature Effiscience's creator, studied shiatsu for 5 years and developed unique beauty products now available in exclusive beauty parlors, spas and pharmacy. These products are recommended and sold by leading beauty experts. 

Following the philosophy of Nature Effiscience, Catherine trains staff on a unique massage technique, mixing Eastern traditions with Western science; a unique combination of Shiatsu techniques and skin shaping. Shiatsu is an Eastern discipline with therapeutic benefits, and skin shaping is a Western massage aimed to provide comfort and a quick relaxation while accessing the deep tissue of the skin. This exclusive massage technique provides an immediate and lasting well-being not only for your skin, but also for your mind and body.

You will find the Nature Effiscience philosophy present in our products' ingredients and application techniques. Shiatsu is used during the application in order to restore proper energy flow and help defend against external aggressions. Nature Effiscience cream also rebalances your skin to allow it to produce the ideal Natural Moisturizing Factor needed for self-hydration and collagen production, essential for maintaining the elasticity of a youthful glow.

Nature Effiscience  inspired by Eastern Chinese medicines and Western medicine philosophies 

Western medicine's philosophy, born in the 19th century, targets symptoms to provide a rapid response to physical ailments. Used alone, results of this are short-term and unsustainable.

Chinese traditional medicine is a discipline developed over thousands of years and targets the cause of the physical ailment. It addresses the source of the symptoms and has a long-term healing effect. Prevention is the keyword of this philosophy, to fix imbalance at the root. 

Thanks to its philosophy, Nature Effiscience designs premium effective beauty care, respecting even the most sensitive skin, while keeping you glamorous naturally. Nature Effiscience is recommended by the VIDAL, the French medical dictionary for physicians and pharmacists. Learn more about Effi Synergy, our concept that offers you a tailor made skincare program.  

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