Body massages that respect the brand's philosophy, combining relaxation and preventive technicality. Treatments that envelop the body and mind in a cocoon of well-being and then in an ultra-relaxing letting go. It is with the combination of Asian massages coupled with Western ones that moments of intense well-being are born. 

A unique moment of relaxation with Nature Effiscience:

Lasting one hour, the body massages combine Nature Effiscience care products with the art of Japanese shiatsu touch and well-being. You let yourself go in a sphere of absolute relaxation, well-being and intense pleasure thanks to the anti-aging, draining and de-stressing massages.

Experience absolute well-being in our institutes and spas:

Nature Effiscience offers a range of unique and complementary EFFECT® products adapted to spas and ensures that the team is trained in the products and their synergies.

The team advises customers with a skin diagnosis and offers a customized beauty program that can be completed by moments of wellness massages, combining nature, relaxation and technicality. 

Erasing facial wrinkles and body fatigue in a visible and persistent way, your face is magnified and your body becomes lighter and more toned. Some examples of our body massages:

Relaxing Harmony Ritual 1H : 

Deep relaxation through a combination of multi-sensory movements that relax the body and mind. The body regains balance and beauty.

Imperial Relaxing Ritual 1H30 : 

Absolute well-being ritual, using digitopuncture, to release tension, release stress and regain self-awareness. 

Detoxifying Ritual 1H30 : 

Inspired by ancestral Japanese massages, this relaxing and toning self-heating ritual allows for detoxification by drainage and a firming of the body in relaxation.