Beauty care ethic, not tested on animals 

Catherine Mautord has developed Nature Effiscience with the idea of creating environmentally kind and humane cosmetic products. That is why you will find only high quality ingredients and extracts of biologically cultivated plants in our products. 

Ethical skin care products: respect animals and the environment

We include an ecological approach in the ethics of our Nature Effiscience business. All bottles and packaging are recyclable. We only use PEFC-certified paper (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certifications). 

You can use our skincare safely because we use reliable alternative methods, with great results. 

Did you know ? Results of our dermatological tests are outstanding: no skin irritation was observed with the EFFECT® range, which is uncommon in cosmetics industry. 

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Which alternative methods? 

Our alternative methods combine herbal medicine studies and our experience in therapeutic herbal medicine.

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