Nature Effiscience innovates: our cosmetics are the first organic products endorsed by the VIDAL 

First organic cosmetic brand to be registered in the VIDAL, Nature Effiscience proves that organic products mean efficacy. Discover how and why.  

The VIDAL: strict selection criteria

The VIDAL is a pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical dictionary used by doctors and pharmacists. In 2014, Nature Effiscience became the first organic cosmetics brand to be registered in the VIDAL, for its authenticity, quality and dermatological benefits.

To be listed in the VIDAL, Nature Effiscience had to adhere to strict selection criteria. The first step was to send in an application file presenting our manufacturer and laboratory. Furthermore, the VIDAL also requires a separate file for each product registered.

Each file includes records of tests carried out under dermatological control and also conservation tests. These tests responded to questions such as: are the cosmetics imperishable after a long period of time? How long can they be used after opening? (1) and (2)

The VIDAL Scientific Committee considers the file according to specifically defined criteria and then accepts or rejects the application to add the product to the VIDAL.

Beauty care with a proven effectiveness 

Nature Effiscience combines the benefits of nature to the wealth of experience. Our premium cosmetics are designed under pharmaceutical control: this gives you an additional guarantee of the effectiveness and compatibility of our products. Even the most sensitive skin can be revitalized by Nature Effiscience.

Beauty & health professionals who have tested our skincare have immediately fell in love with our product line. Our organic ingredients, smooth and quickly absorbed texture and natural and delicate fragrances are a pleasant surprise for cosmetic doctors, pharmacists and beauticians. They are impressed by our products which truly deliver on their promise of efficacy to transform even the most sensitive skin. 

(1) : Expiry date for consumption
(2) : Period After Opening