Find Nature Effiscience in Spas

Nature Effiscience offers an exclusive EFFECT line of products for Spas. The Staff has been trained to products and their synergies.

They give advice to clients, following a skin analysis, and offer a personnal beauty program, which can be completed by unique massages, combining relaxation, nature and specific spa techniques. 

A unique relaxing moment with Nature Effiscience

You can live a great moment of relaxation with our anti-aging, draining, anti-stress massages… acting deeply with a visible before/after effect. 

For one hour, these massages combine Nature Effiscience skincares with the art of touch, inspired by the Japanese shiatsu. You allow yourself to feel relaxed in a total well-being environment.

Your body is lighter and more toned, and your face wrinkles are visibly reduced. The effects are felt for 15 days and results are outstanding ... according to our clients!

Discover the spas in partnership with Nature Effiscience on the map of points of sales.