When Asia meets the West:

When Asian rituals are combined with Western modeling:

1. All facial rituals respect the brand's philosophy, combining Asian and Western modeling, bringing great relaxation and preventive technicality.

2. Pressure, smoothing and Asian modeling are performed following the meridians bringing relaxation.

3. These massages bring the client in the total release allowing to eliminate the tensions, to relaunch and drain the circulation.  Promising a persistent effect on skin aging and the homogeneity of the complexion (effect observed up to 15 days after the treatment).

Combined with Western modeling, they act in depth and in a persistent way.

  - 50% of the technique is derived from the Japanese art of touching with shiatsu

  - 50% smoothing and modeling

Pure Beauty Ritual 30 mn:

Radiance and purity care associated with a deep skin cleansing and a facial massage from shiatsu on the meridians.

Magnificence Ritual 1H00:

Anti-aging, redensifying and complexion-enhancing treatment. Western modeling and very precise shiatsu points on the face provide a real natural lifting, smoothing the features durably.

Anti-aging firming ritual 1H30:

Same as Magnificence with a deeper relaxation and well-being.

Super lifting treatment with suction cups 1H00:

Very anti-aging treatment, it regenerates, revitalizes, oxygenates and rejuvenates the face. Wrinkles and facial contours are smoothed. This Asian cupping ritual is performed by smoothing and pumping the muscles of the face as well as the acupuncture points. This differentiating ritual stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation bringing an instant and long-lasting lift.

Instant Cupping Treatment 30 mn:

Instant lifting and toning, ideal for an evening.