Effi synergy, or the Nature Effiscience expertise

Nature Effiscience has developed the Effi Synergy concept. It works on multiple levels. In each product in the EFFECT® line, there is a synergy that exists between the ingredients. You can also combine products and use them one after another to reach another level of Effi Synergy.

Selected ingredients in optimal dosages 

Nature Effiscience carefully selects the purest organic and botanical ingredients for our skin care products. The combination of each dosage multiplies its effectiveness.

For instance, aloe vera moisturizes the skin; when combined with a green seaweed extract (called Chlorella Vulgaris), the moisturizing effect is much stronger. Synergy of the active agents surpasses common mathematical principles: In our case 1 + 1 = 3!

The result: each product targets, rebuilds and moisturizes your skin. Effi synergy concept allows your skin to regain its radiance and to be durably protected. 

Discover our concept of intelligent skincare products

The complete EFFECT line dedicated to preserving beautiful skin

All the products of the EFFECT range are complementary. Our skin care program indicates the order in which to apply each product as each step reinforces the effectiveness of the products. Nature Effiscience cosmetics work together in synergy for maximum effectiveness.

For instance, the active agents in the Booster serum & the Hydrate cream reinforce each other’s efficacy. The moisturizing effect is enhanced when they are used together, thanks to the synergy between the hyaluronic acid and the strawberry plant extract. Moreover, with these synergistic effects, your complexion will be more even and fresh. 

By following the specific application method, you will obtain visible and sustainable results, whatever your skin type. Find all possible synergy combinations of our skin care products in the product information section of the EFFECT® range